Turn 5: December 26th, 1776 7pm (Night Turn)


American Raid

no reinforcements for either side

American Command Phase
Ewing absorbs detachment 5. All troops are moved to Ewing increasing his strength to 720, the maximum he may have assigned to him. Detachment 5 had a fatigue level of 2 which was higher than Ewing’s fatigue level of 1 so Ewing now has a fatigue level of 2. Detachment 5 is removed from the map for reuse later. The American player chooses to activate no leaders.

American Action Phase
Since no leaders were activated there is no action phase.

American Recovery Phase (Night turns only) 
All American leaders recover 1 fatigue level if they have not moved or entrenched. 

British Command Phase
The British player may activate a maximum of 1 leader each night turn. The British player activates Leslie for 1 activation point. Leslie has an activation cost of 2 if he uses his command span to activate other leaders and 1 if he does not. The British player now has 1 activation point remaining.

British Action Phase
Leslie moves to 1818

British Recovery Phase-(Night Turns Only) 
All British leaders recover 1 fatigue level if they did not move or entrench. Rall also has his disorder removed.

Commentary: If you wish to move a short distance during the night and not previously fatigued, it is wise to move in the first night turn and rest in the second. Your troops will start the next day with no fatigue. 

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